Sunday, April the 18th, 2004

Pretty flowers.
Clickey clickey.

I know I said I wouldn’t paste images arbitrarily. And trust me, as pretty as these flowers look, they’re pretty evil. Hmm.. they’re pretty AND they’re evil. Yesterday was warm, bright and cheerful outside. I had to take a little walk. There was a minor incident involving me crossing at this intersection, staring at these flowers, dropping my camera bag, not realizing (still staring), suddenly realizing, turning around, forgetting to look for passing cars, almost getting …

you know. All is well enough however.

And that is why this seemingly random image post means enough to be posted. As if it being one of my coolest ever flower picies ever wasn’t enough reason.

Being alive feels better than it did a short while ago. *Breathes*

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4 Responses to “Warmth”

  1. Lyzard says:

    beautiful photo … and i don’t usually like yellow things

  2. wahgnube says:

    Why thank you :)

    Probably see yellow things in a sliiiightly different light now huh?

  3. Lyzard says:

    Let’s just say I am being a bit more open minded about yellow things… there’s no hope for orange mind you. :)

  4. wahgnube says:

    Orange huh? Hmm.


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