Tuesday, October the 19th, 2004

Way too.

I had trouble with my credit card’s magnetic strip a while back on this vendor’s reader. I had then applied for a new card after listening to this speech from the old bank lady as to how men don’t take care of their stuff as well as women, and how I wouldn’t have worn my card out if I were a woman. Since I didn’t get my card in a few weeks, I decided to speak to my bank people about it today. It turns out the READER was screwed and my original card was fine, AND because my new card didn’t come in the mail, it was apparently stolen (they used the word ‘compromised’). So now I get to

a. Monitor all recent expenses and make sure nothing is wonky.
b. Have my card ‘cancelled’ until another magically fresh new one comes in the mail. Hopefully for real this time.

Woohoo. But of course, it gets better.

I’ve not been carrying my camera anywhere recently because I have a strict threshold on the number of things I can have on hand and not lose. I broke the rule today, and ended up leaving my camera bag on the bus this morning. (Some 800+ dollars worth of camera, half a gig of memory, some filters and other thingamajigs). I happily get to work and was IMing my brother about something and he’s like ‘sweet, send me a picture’. Of course, I then realize my camera is missing.

Instead of breaking out into a frenzied panic like a normal person, I got in touch with the transportation service folk, and charted out my bus’ route some one hour into the future and eventually caught up to it, and my camera bag. Everything was there, thingamajigs and all.

I then got to hear the bus lady’s version of how women are so much more careful with their things.

No, I’m kidding. She didn’t say anything but her look told all.

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2 Responses to “Way too much excitement”

  1. anita says:

    wow. glad your camera was still there.

  2. wahgnube says:

    I know. I acted all cool but was beyond relieved and ecstatic. I know I’ve been meaning to get new camera thingies, but not in a lose-my-current-set way.

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