Saturday, October the 11th, 2003

Thinking about my ‘not entirely high energy’ state for a while, I decided to try some stuff out. Probably it was malnutrition (aww), probably it was lack of sleep (aww), or probably I just needed to get my mind off stuff and go ahead and do something out of the ordinary. Probably it was a combination of all of these and other things which I can’t see right now. Damn, I need all of you to have native MathML compliant browsers (by which I mean, run along to and install mozilla, a real browser). Then I can say something roughly like,

my state (element of) span ({malnutrition, lack of sleep, … })

And be done with it. Concise, accurate enough, and a whole lot less work.

Anyway, deciding to do something about it, I left the lab at (drumroll) 8 pm (gah! not caring about whether FEAP was parallelized or not), instead of some ungodly hour like 1 am or what not. Decided to go to some nice place down at central and stuff my face till I was uncomfortably full. Now comes one of the more interesting observations over the past few weeks. I remember a time during the end of school and early undergrad when there couldn’t be a single place I could go to in Madras and not run into someone I “know”. Yes, I don’t go out much or too many places and I use the word “know” very loosely. Point being, through school, school events, JEE classes and all of that, you pretty much “knew” most people in that ‘finishing school getting into college’ age group. And that means there is a very high probability of running into one of these people, when you’re out. I’ve, over the past year or so, reached that critical number of people here. Whenever I’ve been out doing anything, however small, I’ve managed to meet someone and have a talk beyond how good/bad the weather is, since we did have something in common.

If any of that made sense, moving along, last night was no different. Met up with this group as I was stuffing myself till I couldn’t walk (as planned, so no aww), and made it back home, early early. And went to bed before 10 pm. No computer, no music, no STAND UP COMICS, no nothing. Just home, sleep.

And here I am the next morning, waking 12 hours later, and still not feeling terribly different. Or am I? Time should tell.

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