Saturday, September the 20th, 2003

I had planned to not use my computer after I got home. The deal was that I could either catch up on some sleep, or some reading, both of which I really need right about now.

But the walk back home was filled with too much weirdness, and that plan’s out of the window.

I’m leaving GGB like I always do, and as soon as I hit the parking lot, there’s this maniac who skids in, parks his car, and runs away from it. I am not talking the “Oh, this is a great evening for a jog, maybe I’ll park here and get some exercise” style scheme of events. I’m talking about “She’s going to blow, run for your lives” style scheme of events.

Anyway, people around let the maniac pass and get on with whatever it is they were doing.

Next up, the couple before me on the footpath side walk. Well, they were obviously close and hmm.. graphic in their show of emotion. All of that’s fine. What’s weird was while the female was oblivious to the surroundings, the dude was hmm.. shifty to say the least. He kept looking back and to the sides at some 3 second intervals to see who’s observing them? or whatever. Like anyone around gives a damn. After we made eye contact like 4 times.. I just had to slow down and let them move faar away, it just felt wrong.

Then as I reached the nearest mainish road, with people travelling at 50-60 mph or so, I would assume people crossing would mind the cross/don’t cross signals. Not this old lady, no. She needs to attempt to “run” across when she isn’t supposed to. She almost got killed. Three times. Two cars get thrown totally out of control and all that. Not a pretty thing.

No, not fast active person with extreme reflexes. An old woman. What would she need to get to in such a hurry anyway? What would anyone need to get to in such a hurry. Sheesh.

A 50m away, there is this large mess of police cars. I didn’t even bother to look in the direction. There was obviously something not very minor happening.

Moving along, as I near home, the guy in the path ahead of me is talking way loud. First I assume, to himself. Then I assume, into one of those hand free phones. It was like he was practicing a pretty fun talk/routine with someone else. Get closer, and no, he’s just talking out loud to himself. Period.

Now I’ve walked around and practiced talks myself, but not so loud. Anyway, it was funny so I did slow down and got the most of that.

Then, after we’ve separated, out of nowhere, the bushes next to me shows signs of extreme activity, a scared? skunk runs out right by me and hides under a car for no real reason. Yes, me, the great evil skunks fear. Anyway, I deviated a bit and moved far away, to avoid any.. incidents.

How do I know it’s a skunk? I’ve seen enough cartoons to recognise the stripe.

Anyway, home now, and I better try to sleep. Which will be hard, because I’ve just drowned myself in dew again. I really need to work on my self restraint issues.

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