Wednesday, December the 1st, 2004

– The ‘theatre districts’ of most parts of the country shut down on Monday. Why?, because they can. What they don’t tell you, is support businesses like restaurants around the area close too. I thought it might be useful for you to know, so you pack a snack.
– I got to experience Shear Madness last evening, and it was super fun(ny). If you’re around, this is not something to be missed. I’d been told something of the sort a while ago, and the woman wasn’t lying. It isn’t everyday the audience gets involved in theatre performances.
– There was also a related incident involving sweet talking a woman at the concierge desk into scalping extra tickets she had for the show, and getting in for, let’s say… less.
– Remember the winds in the movie Unfaithful? The kinds that can knock you off your feet, force you to fall and scrape your knees, and get seduced by French book sellers? Today I got to experience a similar situation. Except there was no French book seller, definitely no seduction, and was extremely scary. Now I am definitely not a petite little thing. In fact, I am large and heavy. Anyway, the winds on the streets were extremely forceful, and as I was waiting for a cross-the-street signal I (yes, large and heavy I) got blown into a busy intersection (nearly killed by fast moving traffic of course), pushed to cross the road, and had to hold on to the traffic light pole on the OTHER SIDE to prevent being blown any further down the street. I was shaking, and held on for a while until the winds slowed a tad, and I regained composure. But that was quite a rush. Not something I’d ever want to go through again, but a rush nonetheless.
– I, one who never tips unless I’m insanely satisfied, have been tipping over 25% wherever I’ve eaten at so far. No, it’s not a change of heart, things have been so good.

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