Friday, October the 12th, 2007
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After ages of not having much news to report on, here is another juicy tidbit: I just turned 27.

Yes it’s something of a coincidence, but no, not really; this was the impetus for me to wind-up my doctoral work a short while ago.

(I promise I will return to regular programming soon.)

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11 Responses to “When it rains, it pours”

  1. anita says:

    happy birthday!

  2. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday! Jeeze, everybody’s birthdays have hit all at once lately.

  3. Siddhi says:

    happy birthday and congrats on wrapping up the phd

  4. Mukul says:

    Happy Beer-day man!!

    By the way, I turned 25 today. And I have never been more clueless in my life. :-)

  5. WeeAre says:

    Many more happy returns!

  6. pundit says:

    Thank you, anita and Siddhi!

  7. pundit says:

    Thanks Michelle. Whose else’s birthdays fall around this time?

  8. pundit says:

    A happy birthday to you too, Mukul. Trust me, the waters will only get muddier with time.

    And, oh, I think beer is yucky.

  9. pundit says:

    Thanks WeeAre!

  10. Mukul says:

    Try Bailey’s Irish Cream, if that doesn’t taste good to you, you are pretty much a teetotalist! :-)

  11. pundit says:

    Your response is identical to every single one I’ve received when I’ve proclaimed “<Insert your favourite drink here> is yucky.”

    Chocolate/cream/coffee liqueurs are perhaps the only kinds of alcohol I can stand.

    And by stand, I mean I don’t feel irritated when I sip on them. Food and drink are supposed to be fun damn it, not work.

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