Wednesday, January the 11th, 2006

Is it possible to confuse some sort of deep respect for someone’s intellect with a form of attraction toward them? This incident, apparently, had stemmed from just that. It’s bothersome when you don’t know whether to feel flattered or creeped out.

And, if it were possible, I would gladly trade a sizable chunk of that “intellect” for a modicum of sociability. But since it’s not, I’ve decided on an alternative plan; the crux of which is to stop worrying about our shortcomings and (ab)use our strengths. The details of this will unfold shortly.

Or more likely, such details will never be shared. I know it’s good to share and everything, but sometimes, one probably needs to keep trade secrets close to heart, you know, to gain and retain some competitive advantage. Or something like that.

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2 Responses to “Where do I begin?”

  1. pUl| says:

    My desire to follow forthcoming events is now stronger than ever :P

  2. pundit says:

    I will have to reconsider numerous things carefully before deciding when (if) I plan to divulge said information. Probably well after I’ve achieved whatever it is I’m shooting for, no one can grab it/them away from me based on said information.

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