Thursday, December the 18th, 2003

This term is almost done, but there is just so much more to do. Things have piled on and on, and I have not been able to stay focussed on one thing long enough to do it, let alone do a decent job. I feel dead and drained, and have nothing to show for it. I am not happy. It’s been horrid, and I can’t wait to get this term over with. I don’t care how “well” I do, just want it done.

I want to lock myself up in some tower somewhere and read. Away from reality. Away from people. Away from all this cold, dull and gloomy weather. Away from all the nonsense around. Just me, and some quality books. No windows, no chirpy non birds, no non sunlight. Nothing. I don’t quite care if it’s the “holiday season” and everybody should be happy celebrating and relaxing or some such. Enough is enough, if I want/need to know, I will.

And yes, I have been terribly frustrated and whiney as a result. Every single person who’s been willing to talk to me, however random they may be, or how little I know they care, has had to put up with quite a bit of me they aren’t used to. Starting off and mostly pulling off 4-5 classes was a bad idea.

Even if I make it through without near failing courses or getting fired, it still is a bad idea.

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