Wednesday, June the 2nd, 2004

I was talking to H a while ago and kept (proudly?) harping on the fact that I wasn’t out of “study mode” completely. That I now quite enjoyed locking myself up all alone trying to read. He listens all patiently, and points to his computer reminding me of our friend article. When I had to study, I spent many a sleepless night on the code. Now that I don’t have to, and the code’s all I have to work on, I study.

Everyone knows everything and I am beyond predictable. Just great.

And the girl in the coffee shop (where I’ve pretty much drunk everything but, and hang out) is quitting smoking a day after her birthday. Why is that even remotely interesting and/or relevant? It isn’t. It was just cute to see how excited someone can be running around all “happy like”.

Maybe I should induce some pseudo-addiction, and quit after 11 years, just to experience this sort of rush.

Or maybe I’m just stupid and have waaay too much time on my hands.

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