Wednesday, May the 23rd, 2007

… a random woman down the street walked up to you and told you she really likes your glasses? In fact, she likes the pair so much that she can’t wait for an answer to her question, “Who is it by?” and literally grabs it off your face to check it out for herself. And check out herself with it on?

… a totally unrelated random woman sits down really close to you while ogling over your (arguably chic) green messenger bag? That she’s so engrossed by the bag on your lap, she doesn’t realise she’s got her (arguably wonderful-smelling) hair in your face as she’s bent over trying to make out the bag’s brand from its logo?

… you saw a cute ogre? You know, the kinds that are hideous and grotesquely-deformed, but yet you find something about their mannerisms that make them undeniably endearing? Like that grunt of appreciation that escapes its lips—alongside the flare-up of its nostrils—as someone offers her a candy bar?

No, it wouldn’t be interesting at all. It’d be weird.

Trust me.

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