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Saturday, March the 8th, 2008

Straw painting

Thursday, December the 8th, 2005

Royal thicket

Tuesday, November the 8th, 2005

Fading out

Sunday, June the 5th, 2005

Mississippian Sunset

Wednesday, December the 29th, 2004


Sunday, November the 21st, 2004

Teeny Tomatoes

Tuesday, November the 16th, 2004

At the Docks

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Sunday, November the 14th, 2004

Naturally Unsaturated

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Monday, October the 18th, 2004

My Old Home

Wednesday, October the 13th, 2004

Cherry on top

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Sunday, September the 26th, 2004


Wednesday, September the 8th, 2004

Instant Stalactites

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