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Saturday, February the 16th, 2008

Silky layers

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Thursday, August the 10th, 2006

Nascent Love

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Saturday, July the 16th, 2005

Touch me

Wednesday, December the 22nd, 2004

Child Bearer

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Friday, December the 10th, 2004

Fuzzily Creepy

Wednesday, November the 10th, 2004

The Trifactor

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Thursday, November the 4th, 2004

Busy Intersection

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Sunday, October the 17th, 2004

Not quite Holland

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Monday, September the 27th, 2004

Planet’s Little Satellite

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Sunday, September the 19th, 2004

Alien Cross Pollination

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Sunday, September the 12th, 2004

Greying and Balding

Tuesday, September the 7th, 2004

Tulipical Progression

Saturday, September the 4th, 2004

Honey Factory Drone

Thursday, September the 2nd, 2004

Timidly Linear

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