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Thursday, December the 23rd, 2004

Happy goofing off

Sunday, December the 5th, 2004

Hmm… Upgrades

Saturday, November the 27th, 2004

Drawing Near

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Thursday, November the 25th, 2004

Born Gifted

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Tuesday, November the 23rd, 2004

Curiously Devious

Saturday, November the 13th, 2004

Slinky Vision

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Thursday, November the 11th, 2004

Pressured Habitat

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Sunday, November the 7th, 2004

Forced Smiles

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Friday, November the 5th, 2004

Life’s Trivialities

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Sunday, October the 31st, 2004

Students’ Goals

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Saturday, October the 30th, 2004

Bored Farmer

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Friday, October the 29th, 2004


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Saturday, October the 23rd, 2004

Hot Cuisine

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Tuesday, October the 19th, 2004

Perceived Highs

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Friday, October the 15th, 2004

Free to Soar

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