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Monday, December the 12th, 2005

Lampost inverse

Sunday, December the 4th, 2005


Monday, November the 21st, 2005

Wheels have turned

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Saturday, August the 6th, 2005

Another brick on the wall

Wednesday, August the 3rd, 2005

Anchor’s End

Tuesday, July the 26th, 2005

Sunny Scotland

Wednesday, July the 20th, 2005

Circle of Life

Monday, July the 4th, 2005

Nailed Rails

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Sunday, June the 19th, 2005

Obscured Bridge

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Sunday, June the 12th, 2005

Empty Arches

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Saturday, May the 14th, 2005

Fish Face

Saturday, January the 15th, 2005


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Monday, January the 10th, 2005

Chief Black Lung

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Sunday, December the 19th, 2004

Car I scratch

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Saturday, November the 20th, 2004

Glowing Mushrooms

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