Sunday, December the 4th, 2005


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5 Responses to “Salmon”

  1. niyati says:

    wow! how vibrant. reminds me of acid dyed textiles back here!

  2. pundit says:

    Those must be some trippy clothes! We’ve got to incorporate acid-dyeing into the collaborative project.

    Naysayers with their “round-peg square-hole” attitude will shut up.

  3. Shreya says:

    Hey. Bhavya directed me to your blog. I love some of the pictures you’ve taken. Especially this one. The colours! If it were a poster, I’d buy it. hm.

  4. Smita says:

    wow.. thats vivid. I have noticed you had added a similar fish in one of your earlier posts too. Did they come from the same place?

  5. pundit says:

    Yes, it’s from the same place. I used to live in a town called Ann Arbor where they have an art fair every year. The two fishies were on display in one of the artists’ stores at the time.

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