Saturday, August the 16th, 2003

I suddenly remembered about it and thought I had missed “Mars Earth come closest in 60,000 years and hence see the red planet with your naked eye” day. Rushed to find Divya’s mail and re-read the article. (Yes, you will note that it’s linked to the print version of the article and like every good geek should know how much less of a pain it is to load.)

Good, I haven’t missed it and it is on the 27th of August. At its closest, Mars will be 25 seconds of arc in diameter, the size of a tennis ball at a distance of 528 metres.

The first time I heard of this was from that “what’s his name” plump person (who shows up a lot on PBS) at a planetarium and science museum in in Miami. It should be something, and I know you won’t miss it :D.

Also, now that my list of blog reads is growing, I NEED to get straw up and running and you need to get your blog system to pipe out nice rdf/rss xml or whatever it is that good sites pipe out that straw reads. Browsers are a fun way to read blogs but come on, look how cool straw looks.

With straw, the previously mentioned dashboard and gDesklets, I’m drooling a lot more, and life is pretty in GNOME land.

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