Saturday, August the 16th, 2003

I mean literally. The sun never really did come out. It’s been drizzling lightly all day. The university is still closed. Oh, how I miss my broadband. Now I know that’s something I HAVE to order ASAP. The budget and things can go to hell.

Also, been alone at home for most of the day. I mean, actually alone. No roomies, no guests, no nothing. It feels very good, and liberating. If things don’t work out, and people have to fund two homes, I’d happily collect rent check (note, not cheque any more) portions and live this way, peacefully.

Music, music and more music seems to be the theme of the day. At this rate I am going to burn through all the albums I own in one sitting. And that’s a whole lot of sitting. Heaven.

I had some stickiness ploys and evil plots up my sleeve, but decided not to implement them just yet. I’m too lazy today, which just fits well with the whole theme of the “chill and do nothing” day. The power cut days threw me off. Got used to being off-line and idle idle.

Gasp! Need to snap out of it.

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