Friday, August the 15th, 2003

Power’s back. Woohoo! :D

But I shouldn’t be celebrating should I? The damn thing shouldn’t have gone in the first place. Few hours ok, a DAY ok.. MORE? First world nation, G7 member, yeah right. No food, no water, no power for over a day, life was complicated. People turned into cannibals and so on.

Ok, that was exaggerated, obviously. We just lost power. A very little food and some (don’t know how pure) water was available. (But many places, my aunts place included, had water delivered via pump systems dependent on power. No power, no water.) The funny thing is that ALL stores and businesses were closed. ALL. The UNIVERSITY shut down. Some fancy place, no back up no nothing.

Total chaos. Adding to the housing chaos. I’d like to reiterate. I’ve got space. Non-desis, non-males AND non-idiots gladly apply. I’ve had more than enough of this nonsense.

Each and every power socket at home is occupied. All the devices that died last evening are getting their life back.

Update: That last line was supposed to indicate the number of devices at home, from toothbrushes to computers that need power. Not scarcity of power sockets, before someone interested in the home decides otherwise because of that.

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