Wednesday, November the 19th, 2003

reality, in the eyes of a wannabe.

Downtime’s good. I had more time to actually do things. Not a lot, just more. It sure beats the usual do nothing. As people have noticed, I wouldn’t be classified as too “driven” a person. I need to be pushed to make a change. I’ve had a ton of hobby pages/sites/forums/blogs and all that other sort of thing you get into when you really don’t have a life, but have never really seriously bought a domain, or used professional hosting. Now, that’s changed.

My new home, and my blog are up, but barely. With 500 MB of space, a ton of server side goodies, and some 5 GB transfer a month, I have big plans to make the whole site a lot more dynamic. I’ve always had the big plans, but never really bothered to move towards them. Editing static html for the main site involved a lot of jumping through SSI hoops which feigned a level of consistency, but it wasn’t always fun. Now all that should change in time. Slowly move to a newer, more streamlined XML+CSS website powered by Drupal. Maybe it will even look perty some day, like his, or hers. All in good time.

For now, it’s just a redirect back to the uni server and a hasty copy and paste job, and various portions are severly broken. For instance, quickies is down. First, I’ll fix them. Then, I grow. If there is something that is really annoying you and you want it fixed as soon as possible, let me know.

I am not sure whether I should replace the uni site with a semi formal site(page?) and move all “other stuff” outside. These are uncertain times. How exciting. I probably should have done this a long time ago.

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