Monday, November the 17th, 2003

As expected. I mean, if the pattern so far has been sad happy sad happy …, after last evening’s sad, this is just, normal. Anyway, started hacking again on glyx. Put up a start page even. Not much, I just needed something different up there indicative of emergence from inactivity.

Some history no one really needs to know

A friend of mine, a long time ago, exposed me to the wondrous lyx. Now I am your regular Emacs texnician, but she being all excited, I tried it and this was easy, for short documents. Anyway, it defaults to a GUI based on XForms, which looks pretty bad. You could build it with QT, but QT is evil, so glyx was born.

Now during all this time, I hadn’t heard of or used TeXmacs, which was almost what I wanted glyx to grow into. And later reading up on the lyx page, I found some deep and fundamental connections of the devs to the KDE project. Now, this shouldn’t have bothered me, but it did. GNOME owns damn it. That coupled with TeXmacs C++/Scheme core, it’s GTK GUI, and yes, the fact that the project had ‘macs’ as part of its name, generally made it all that glyx wanted to be but wasn’t.

So, I guess, I stopped.

Now, coming out of flashback mode /*insert funky psychedelic color pattern changing thingy here*/ to the present, I just had this intense urge (yes, it’s normal) to sink my teeth into gtkmm. gtk tries too hard to be OO C, and I can’t stand it. gtkmm is at least in my native tongue, and is just a lot prettier. Actually, C# is even syntactic sugary, but I am a little wary of some M$ patent stunt killing Mono, and don’t plan to let a project die by writing it in C#.

Keeping with the geeky theme of things, I had plugged another game the other day and it just didn’t seem right that I hadn’t plugged a game from THE COMPANY yet. And yes, this is a screenshot, and not concept art like the other one. Bwahahahah Valve.

(People seemed to find it a bit too disturbing. Removed.)

Apparently, I had a boring day. Boring is good.

(Yes, I’ll tend to report on my day’s events from an even geekier point of view when nothing has really happened. Sue me.)

Apart from the urge to dive into gtkmm, slowly beginning to feel the need to get some sort of exercise routine like thing into my life. GAH! My mind’s been poisoned. (And by exercise, even a slow walk looking at birdies counts. But still, GAH!)

And an obligatory Friends quote:

Ross: One more time, “Hey, don’t you want a washboard stomach and rock hard pecs?”

Chandler: No! I want a flabby gut and saggy man breasts!

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