Tuesday, May the 11th, 2004

I’ve finally been cracked.

Apparently showers are where I get most of my thinking done. I just realized events in the recent (and not so recent) past have finally gotten to me. I no longer see the world through my rose coloured glasses. I no longer believe everything happens for the good. And I definitely don’t see it as a terribly nice place filled with caring folk anymore.

People in general don’t really give a damn about loyalty, honesty, morality (and other such words ending with ‘ty’) and they sure as hell don’t ever really care about you. (Of course, this sort of premise hopefully excludes things like a mother’s feelings toward her child, because otherwise, I am being plain mean right now.) No one’s really going to go too much out of their way to ensure that peace and harmony and so on are ensured. Forget large scale things like that, even to put a smile on someone else.

People do what’s best for themselves, at whatever costs. Sure, that’s why we have laws like “killing other people is wrong” to prevent this from being extrapolated to the extreme, but within these broad limits, people do exactly what’s good for them. Something better comes along, by all means, go ahead and take it. Who cares if you’ve worked at the same company who’ve treated you well for 5 years? You’re getting a better sounding deal somewhere else, just leave. And a few lies here and calculated silences here and there never really hurt anybody right? I used to think criteria involving ethics dictated such decisions, but apparently not. Guess who has more money in the bank? Omarosa or yours truly?

So listen up everyone who believed the world exists to be nice to you and that everything happens for the best. All you have to do is be nice to it in return.

You’ve been lied to. You can be as kind, gentle, caring, generous… as you’d like, just don’t believe in karmic balances. The world will not hesitate to screw you over either way.

Unfortunately for the evil world, it doesn’t realize it doesn’t take too much to push genius to cross that line to evil genius.

Unfortunate indeed.

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