Sunday, May the 9th, 2004

Damn I hate marathons. No, not the kinds in which people run insane distances just because they can. Well, actually, I’m not particularly fond of those either. I mean these marathons on TV, where they show 192 episodes of the same awesome show back to back realizing there are jokers out there with no self control (*hint hint*) who will sit through the entire thing even when they have far far more important things to do.

When S told me about today’s Simpsons marathon the day before, I was all pfft, I’ve seen them all anyway, I’ll be concentrating on my reading. By which, I obviously meant I’ll be sitting in front of the TV all day without batting an eyelid. What is it with men, the remote and the Simpsons?

Though I’m happy to report that didn’t result in me giving up on my run in one day. In fact, I increased the distance covered by about 50% today. But since parts of my body seem to have enough neurons to make their own decisions, this just means a smaller portion of the actual run involved running. It might not have been the best idea for other reasons as well. I ended up apologizing to this homeless guy for being a non smoker. Good god, after his pestering, I almost wished I smoked. And unrelated, I’ve just been told I’ve got womanly legs. Now I am not entirely sure what that’s supposed to mean, but I’m sure it’s no compliment. Now I can’t even joke about waxing.

First I lost the staple saggy man breast bit (long story), and now this. This has not been a great week for punch lines. God damn it.

Though I don’t usually notice such things, the weather has been extremely weird for the past few days. It’s like 70 degrees in the day, and there are these hail storms with marble sized pellets at night (global warming anyone?). Apparently they dent cars and chip off paint and so on.

I’ve had this on my mind for a while now, but then I hadn’t looked at the specifics too carefully. Today, I’ve started changing that. I’ve been going through different sorts of organizations which exist to help children in need, and I hope to make the right choice sometime soon. For a not-so-large sum every month, I get the glorious feeling of being able to put a smile on a kid’s face. Apparently, you even get to see pictures and write to them. I’m pretty certain I want to do this.

Yes world, you heard right, I am sponsoring a child. Wish me luck.

(Yes, I’m desperately attempting to figure out the deep seated personal gain here too. I will definitely let you know the moment I find it.)

And in a moment of culinary genius, I think I just burnt a bag of microwaveable popcorn. Sheesh. I better go.

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