Wednesday, January the 21st, 2004

In more moments of mind blowing side tracking, I just came across some words (some six of those while I was not working reading another biography) that might go into the “insert relatively funny catchphrase here” placeholder, above.

ardent, dry, tentative, incisive, witty, ironic, sarcastic, not caustic.

Might as well add something along the lines of self proclaimed while I’m at it. If someone comes up with a brilliantly funny line using some of these and/or related words, they get a prize*. Let the wordsmithing begin.

I’m trying too. But this is not my sort of thing. Clicking on any other page in the menu above should show you the current cheap imitation iterant.

(*If you count being blatantly plagiarized a prize.)

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2 Responses to “Ah yes”

  1. you catapulted into ardent and forgot to tell me?

  2. wahgnube says:

    I’d say no, wasn’t catapulted, I’ve always been there. (I did say self proclaimed didn’t I?) And this is the sort of thing I hoped people see. I didn’t say I showed, I said they see.

    Of course, I wish anyone else had brought up that question. It would have been easier to deal with they not getting me. I implicitly assumed you saw.

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