Tuesday, January the 20th, 2004

Does the unhappy happy dance. Except he isn’t in the frame of mind or physical condition to make any sudden moves.

Stay awake for over 30 hours.
Feel all disoriented and sick.
Induce large doses of caffeine.
Back to work, as good as new! Better even.
Do this for a few days in a row.
Die few days later.

(Obviously I am not going home tonight either. At this rate, I am going to stop paying rent.)

Does the unhappy happy dance, again.

(Yes, attention span and memory as well as perception of reality are fished.)

Update: You know there is something wrong when I start using exclamation marks. Two even. And, oh my goodness, am I not good enough to be a physicist?

No, this is just crazy talk. It’s late late, I’m exhausted. Back to screwing around and not understanding relativistic mechanics!

(If I can just keep away from this rather interesting scientist biography I’m finding more fascinating than I ought to. All hail Emmy Amalie Noether. Libraries suck productivity. )

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