Thursday, October the 16th, 2003

I usually don’t feel. I am quite cold. I am apathetic to events around me. I don’t get terribly excited or depressed or angered or anything by anything.


For all my ‘engineering knowledge’ and general life experience (It’s not a lot, I just said, ‘for all my’, conveniently hand waving my way through to making it sound like a lot), I should have realized, systems aren’t guaranteed to work properly all the time. (This goes for people too, but I am not directing my anger at human incompetence right now.)

Yet I trust it to. I foolishly expect and depend on it to. When I want something done, I let the drones know so, and move along thinking it’s done. Things fail, I end up angry. Actually, now it’s more disappointed than angry. Last night, I was saddened. Saddened, because sometimes things just happen to mean more. During the course of today, one small idiot event after another provoked me to this state of anger.

I don’t really know how to deal with things. Especially feeling mad. Decided to totally get it off my head with doing something fun with my machines. Something they can screw up and no one would care.

Flaming Leaves

It’s not much, but it worked. I’ve not thought of a name yet, and haven’t moved it into one of the artwork pages as a result. Right now, I’ve tentatively named it, flaming leaves. Terribly uninspiring and literal I know, but it will do for now.

Being the straight person that I am, I read up some article and now know that my kind of hair needs – Moisturizing shampoo, silicone spray, deep conditioner, spray sheen (oil/silicone).

And general instructions for its well being – When hair is damp, mix a straightening balm in your hands and apply up the hair shaft until almost to the roots (again, steer clear of those roots!) Comb through to evenly distribute, then blow-dry hair using a large, round brush. Flat iron for a super-straight finish.

Well, someone got paid to write that, (s)he must know what (s)he’s talking about. Doesn’t (s)he?

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