Friday, October the 17th, 2003

I read random stuff each day. Usually it’s just normal and not terribly insightful or exciting or useful or any such thing. But once in a while, I run into articles that REALLY stand out. This article on “Structured Procrastination” by Prof. John Perry for instance. It’s a perfect description of how I get things done in my life. If some random individual were to observe my behavioral patterns and make comments, this is exactly what it would be. Exactly. It is also the reason for the existence of this (and other) blog entries.

It feels good to know, sometimes, you aren’t totally abnormal. And what could be more noble than using one character flaw to offset the bad effects of another?

Went for another of the (now way less frequent, for me anyway) Rackham luncheons. The usual, quite classy events where you get to meet interesting people doing their thing, talk about stuff, and get free food. An everyone wins situation.

(And I mean everyone. It always (usually) ends up with the, “Oh there’s so much food and drink remaining. Steal enough for you, your family, everyone in your lab” style things.)

This time the invitees were international students, from engineering. So there wasn’t that much of a diversity. No mass media communication and psychology style majors here.

It was still fun though. I have got to realize people who don’t put their affiliation on their name tag are usually the important folk. So as to avoid the usual, “Hi, I’m wahgnube from mechanical engineering, what’s your major?”. “I’m a dean“.

Ahh well, all’s fine.

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