Tuesday, June the 28th, 2005

But this time it’s supposed to be fun.

I’m heading off for the UK tomorrow. Plans have been screwed with and rescrewed with over and over—and now I haven’t a clue as to what’s going to go on once there. But that doesn’t in anyway mean it cannot be fun. My camera is still not OK, as in the pesky little dust particles on the sensor causing odd blotches on the final images, so I don’t plan to take it on my trip. I will take my old, trusty one.

Of course, haven’t packed. Hell, I don’t even have the appropriate size bag. I don’t know what I plan on carrying with me. I don’t know what I should, and will probably need.

I just hope I’ve done the right amount of paperwork to be able to enter the countries, and more importantly enough to get back into this country once I’m done.

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4 Responses to “Another trip”

  1. anita says:

    have fun!

  2. wahgnube says:

    Thank you! I really need some relaxation.

  3. Tan says:

    Bon voyage! Yenjoyy!!

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