Monday, June the 27th, 2005

In a remarkably odd sequence of events, I ran into a math teacher of mine from undergrad at the conference I was just at. I thought I saw someone who looked vaguely familiar a day before, and the next day I walked up to her, clarified who she was, and re-introduced myself to her.

We ended up talking for a while about the going-ons.

Apparently, she’d taken a break from teaching for a couple of years and was pursuing some post doctoral research work, publishing at some mad rate and working for a guy nominated for a Nobel prize. I didn’t get to see her present her work because I left Vail before she was scheduled to give her talk. We were, I later found out, the first batch she’d taught, and yet she had little idea who I was. She referred to Pauk (apparently he discussed some “high level fluid mechanics” – oh yeah, Pauk, HAH!), Sandhya, and Sushanth of all people, but hello, I’m standing right here.

I’m a genius.

She was happy to find out people from our humble origins are making it big, financially and intellectually over here, and back home. I was irritated to find out a teacher can actually forget me. And then go on to refer to me as, “Oh, that guy in Sandhya’s batch.”

I mean, come on, they all love me.

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2 Responses to “Teachers from the past”

  1. Vigvg says:

    Don’t tell me !! Was it the fine lady in the sneakers and coolers or the other fine maami ? This is incredible… and I will be very upset if the maami never asked about me !!! :)

  2. wahgnube says:

    Fine maami!

    Sneakers and coolers, I would have hid myself and run.

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