Monday, August the 6th, 2007

Ed. Note: And now for a slight deviation from our regular programming. If you feel today’s entry sounds different from what you’ve come to love around these parts, don’t fret, you aren’t imagining it. This entry was brought to us by a guest to this journal during the course of an earlier discussion.

I don’t claim to endorse anything that our Fellow Retard has said, but I don’t claim to be hostile toward his views either. Perhaps it will be beneficial to take a moment to understand where some people come from and the kinds of things they won’t have a problem with.

Enjoy it, or not.

I call myself so [Ed.: Fellow Retard] because most of your entries read like what I’d write in my diary if I was articulate and passionate about writing. I am guessing that we share our delusions and disorientation, in bits, if not almost completely.

I never quite recovered from my platonic relationship with my high school sweetheart. When we broke up on silly pretexts, she was lapped up by willing and far better guys and she ended up getting her cherry plucked to some random asshole she’s not going to marry.

And I with all my vows of respect, trust and undying love was reduced to a shattered and bitter onanist.

Needless to say, I diverted my attention to computers and the internet. I believe, based on conviction and experience, that nothing dumbs you down more than the internet. The more I spent time with the Internet, the less time I spent with my female friends or on going out. I started over analyzing situations and people. More so in case of girls. And that’s the bane of being smart/intellectuals.

You have to be instinctive and driven by your urge and senses to attract the kind of attention that leads to undressing.

I’ve been polemic and eloquent in my circle of friends but it did not help me get laid. Girls prefer to keep it simple. Who’d want to have sex with someone they can’t figure out? Just like we want to have meaningless sex for vindication and validation, girls too want fun without being judged or analyzed. It took me years to understand that. Dating sites and books don’t help because they try to provoke you by talking about confidence and pickup strategies. The truth is, 5 minutes after you’ve spieled, the girl can read your eyes and tell if you are really a horny jerk or a despo trying to run a polymorphic seduction algorithm. I let go of myself esteem and became shameless about my libido without becoming a beggar in front of girls. It helped a lot.

And once you have a girl all over you, others rush in. It’s ironical but that’s the case, girls chase those pursued by other girls. If a girl sees a girl who’s prettier than her chase you, 9 out of 10 times, she’s gonna feel attracted to you.

To cite my own case, since I got this pretty girl to date and do it with me, I’ve been chased by half a dozen girls for straight favors expressed subtly. None of them even noticed me before she came along. I cannot tell the weird and nasty stuff we do and she’s trying to rope in a pretty girl who’s bi to get into a threesome with us. Talk about the ironies of life.

Until you start seeing yourself as an unapologetic and aggressive sexual creature with a naughty sense of humor (funny is not sexy!), girls wouldn’t see you the way you want them to see you. Unlike guys, girls love with eyes and ear, so dress attractively and speak stuff that would tickle their panties, not their intellect. You are aiming too high with brainy wit, stoop down below waist and take aim.

I read that slashdot post yesterday and I know it as much as you do. We aren’t happy that way, so let’s not use eloquence to cloak the depression and dejection. It’s the impulses that makes us human. If I was a prophet, I must have been told beforehand. So, I’ll submit to what pleases me. Enough said.

On the topic of sex for money, well, sex for money is cheaper than sex for free. If you know what I mean. You go on date and there is tension in your balls on whether you’d get to exchange fluids. Paid practices are wonderful in the sense that it kinda desensitizes you to an extent towards sex and allows you to interact with a girl like a normal creature and not like a beggar would look at a Wendy’s burger.

Not to mention that if you visit the same provider again and again and befriend her, she will teach you more about women, their impulses, their sex drive, their body and the initiation to completion routine than anyone would ever disclose.

In fact, to your surprise, she might let you know the art of arousal and foreplay, stuff you wouldn’t expect to learn from such a rendezvous.

So don’t fall for the traps of morality, it’s designed to keep the hungry away from the obese. It’s funny how morality doesn’t apply to William, Dubya and Paris but applies to a struggling dude trying to find some cue on social dynamics by paying for it.

And don’t listen to girl’s version on morality and sex-for-money. What girls say they like and what they actually like is completely different. Girls have perfected the art of self-deception to such extent that even the nicer girls would walk straight into an asshole’s pants and then rant about how really they wish to be with a nice guy.

I guess I should stop rambling here. Hope I was able to convey some of my views and experiences in a way, they’d make sense, if not perfect sense.

You only have 1 life to live. That’s all you can be sure of. So fuck everything else and try to do what you want instead of repressing it. You wouldn’t want to regret like me over not having fooled around when it was the best time of my life. I mean, the only time of your life when you can bang tight and shapely minor teens is when you are a teen yourself. I missed my chance because of the lofty notions of better pursuits and intellectual tastes while my friends wrecked hymens all around.

Don’t miss the bus, it’s still not too late. What you do now won’t matter 1-2-5 years from now. So, go ahead and live out.

Even Neo had a smoking hot Trinity for Chrissake. There is more to life than Slashdot and computers. Feel the skirt over her skin in a club or caress her long hairs in bed. Or better still, hold the back of her soft neck and touch those lips and you would understand what is horribly wrong with nerds and the Lara Croft culture. They have given up on the real sensation. They’ve resigned. You must not.

— Fellow Retard

p.s. I still believe it’s tougher for girls. I can’t imagine taking dicks up my ass or sucking them and swallowing all that slime. They do it.

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4 Responses to “Another’s point of view”

  1. pUl| says:

    Very interesting piece. Very interesting.

  2. Fellow Retard says:

    I was expecting my email address cited somewhere, but it’s alright especially because your standpoint is ostensibly middle-of-the-road. :-)

    My comment was actually a nod to the subtext of residual emotion of a lot of posts that I traversed through here! :-(

    Interesting nonetheless, time for you to respond with your views!

  3. pundit says:

    Fellow Retard: I added your e-mail address. I assumed incorrectly that you were concerned about your privacy, so avoided doing so the first time around.

    My standpoint intentionally comes off as middle-of-the-road because I have a hard enough time vindicating my own views, and I wanted to absolve myself of being responsible for yours (as similar as some viewpoints may be to mine) as well. I also realise the basis of your comment, and I admit I didn’t do a very good job of introducing the piece.

    I will respond when my opinions on the matter stabilise. Initially I was quite pro what you were saying, and upon some thought I was not so sure. My thoughts will be clearer soon.

  4. Fellow Retard says:

    I perfectly understand the centrist stance. Ditto for the second thoughts one has after some pondering.

    At the end of the day, all we really need is a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. While most of us willingly wait for that to happen, the adventurous minority among guys decides to go ahead and enjoy multitude of partners only to make the rest of men feel stupid and left out.

    What are the choices? If it was business, all legal strategies would be acceptable. Since it’s about relationships, ethics come to forefront.

    But the problem is, the very guys who are ahead in the game of booty-conquest manage to stay away from the traps of relationship and move on from one target to another without any dilemma or difficulty. Then why should lessons of ethic prevent the remaining guys from catching up?

    It’s like telling poor people not to grow shrewd and smart to get rich because money is the root of all vices and what’s more important for them is to find “true happiness which cannot be bought with money”. Another example would be the preachings of Oprah. She may tell fat girls that they are beautiful and it’ the “inner side” that matters to find true love, but the postcards at PostSecret tell you the bitter truth that will not bring in the Ad revenue for Oprah on satellite television.

    Between Oprah and Madonna, I already know who has had more fun and lived a fuller life. Thanks Oprah, but no thanks!

    It’s simple. Nobody’s gonna give it on a platter. You can either go all out and get what you want or keep jacking off to jpegs and playing Quake.

    Is it so difficult to look at your weekend schedule and realize the problem?

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