Thursday, August the 2nd, 2007

We’re polar opposites, him and I. While I choose my academic path based on who I get to work with, and what I get to learn in turn, he bases his decisions on where it’s the nicest outside to get the next set of tennis in.

I spent the morning with my little brother trying to find him a laptop that we were both keen on. After much scouring around, we finally arrived at the uni’s computer store nearby where I snagged him a swanky new ThinkPad.

Oh, I’d forgotten to mention it here, didn’t I?

My little brother’s finally made it here to the States to continue his studies, and I’ve been spending the past few days with him getting whipped at Mario Kart (nearly laughing ourselves to death more than once), and being bankrupted.

Perhaps, the fact that he’s left home to pursue grad school ought to be a sign that I should stop referring to him as my “little brother,” but screw that. It’s still a few days before he heads down to Florida and he’s not in grad school yet.

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