Thursday, April the 29th, 2004

I’ve got this final exam test tomorrow. And since I’m this self proclaimed bastion of knowledge, (and because I’ve apparently got many more important things piled up) I treated it like I treat anything else of this sort, a minor inconvenience. And expectedly, I’ve goofed off until now. (Well, not now now, now as in after the Friends episode in about half an hour from now. So technically, I will goof off until then.) It doesn’t help that I’ve aced the class so far, and with all the leeway granted to you by the joys of “continuous evaluation”, you’re really not all that pressured into doing things for fear of, say, getting a bad grade.

Another problem here is it’s not particularly interesting. It starts of all fun and new, but gets quite boringly repetitive in a bit. And I wanted to read (yes, you can read math) for it like I’m reading a book (if I do read one I mean), but I just received this email saying I’ve got to go through some details in specific questions before taking the test.

Which means it’s going to be a long night.
And I’m cranky.

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