Saturday, August the 23rd, 2003

This post has been stolen from an earlier blog of mine. The post itself is over a year old. Notice the profuse smiley usage. Gah!

In another moment of weakness today, (you know, the one you have when you think about the past, a kinda partly nostalgic, partly wishing time reversed RIGHT now, and you could go back to a time that seems so much more carefree and fun), I decided to update my address book with contacts from my little (failed or highly successful depending on the way you look at it) entropy experiment, erm.. my slam book. I didn’t plan to do much. Just add some names and email addresses, considering everybody’s changed their physical location on the globe.

Well, almost everybody.

I couldn’t help but read some parts of the slams themselves in the process. I mean, I might feign being not curious and all that, but I am human, I think ;). And so I suddenly forget about my PDA and concentrated harder on what’s been written about me (as opposed to furiously turning the pages to the ones with contact info in them and punching them in using that, oh SO slow, teeny keyboard). Yes, it’s only been four years in this place. Yes, four years is an insanely small period of time for a person like me to open up to anybody. Yes, that means people barely know me, and what they say shouldn’t be accurate.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised.

Some of the stuff I read was beyond correct.. creepy. Most of it was sarcasm and humour, that’s fun, but the insightful stuff interspersed was just that, it was insightful. I was almost.. moved (Or probably I was and that’s as close as I am going to get to admit it). I even got a few comments about how cool my name was written on the front pages. :)

I then decided to pick out 20 or so random stuff that make me laugh/tear me up(with joy :P)/just plain send a shiver up my spine and make me all goosebumpey. They aren’t in any specific order. And I am not going to explicitly state which ones are right and which ones are dead wrong, and hence funny, in a way. The ambiguity should add to my fun when I read this in say 20 years or something.

Of course, like any self respecting site traffic watcher, I shall stop here today, and let the slams trickle out over a short period of time. Stay tuned.

In related news, I realized how easy it is to recycle generic stuff like so. Be prepared to read this, and other things over and over again every once in a while.

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2 Responses to “Blast from the past”

  1. vigvg says:

    You have learned well, grasshoppa !

  2. wahgnube says:

    I erm observe the best?

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