Saturday, August the 23rd, 2003

Ack! This is just a post to get this blog to feel like the actuality.log that I had originally planned it to be. No, it needn’t be interesting. It is a log of events, to help my brain. That is all.

Today started off as any other. Generally lazed around and finally reached the lab. The network in EECS is SO SLOW. I was getting like a 20% ping success rate at google, and that was one of the better sites. So, generally struggling around, finally got to check email, just to find the usual few hundred spam “I love you” – No, you do not. “Re: Your details” – What details? Who the hell are you?.. and the usual suspects. But the silver lining, in a day of training, the spam filters in thunderbird seem to now effortlessly kill all these worm mails off the IMAP server. This is very good.

Anyway, after screwing around not knowing how to get anything done (plus irritated with one too many seg-faults, DAMN YOU icc), I decided to leave, considering it was an exceptionally bright and cheerful day. (Insert birds’ chirping sound fx here). I went back home, dropped off my stuff, and then randomly started walking at some 2-3 P.M. Before you know it, it’s some 5 and I am at a museum. It was fun. Among other things I got to know today, did you know just the tail portion of a blue whale weighs more than an ELEPHANT? And that a moderately sized blue whale consumes EIGHT TONS of food per day? Of course, I did learn a bit about history and other wild life, but it’s not entirely interesting to “normal” folk. Made my way back home around 6 ish.

In picture news, got some cloud snaps. Don’t have enough or half-decent looking ones worth uploading. Will just move them and other such odd pictures to some “assorted” set sometime.

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