Wednesday, September the 1st, 2004

Blue Tranquility

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15 Responses to “Blue Tranquility”

  1. Charlie says:

    Great colors and composition…very nice! :)

  2. 'Pong says:

    Lovely image. Good use of DOF and colour.

  3. pundit says:

    Thank you both!

    You’ve decided when this photolog was “officially opened”. I figure September 1, 2004 is as good a date as any other. :)

  4. Fred says:

    I just love this kind of minimal approach to photography. Great color, composition. Everything feel right in this picture ! Can we see more ??


  5. pundit says:

    Of course, kind sir.

    I have similar ones from the same set and I will put them up as well.

  6. chiaroscuro says:

    (teenage girl type sentiment definitely expressed here)

  7. pundit says:

    You’re alive! :-)

    (I was about to make a silly comment involving the words love, teenage and girls. But decided against it for obvious reasons.)

  8. Sandra Rocha says:

    beautiful over-exposed feel with all those light colors, very interesting composition to show this landscape :-)

  9. pundit says:

    Thank you Sandra.

  10. Prashant says:

    Wonderful DOF in this one and great pictures all over the photolog… :-)

  11. pundit says:

    Thanks Prashant! :D

  12. anonymiss says:


  13. pundit says:

    Thank you so much miss.

  14. This is not the way to take “Landscape” image. This image is really bad

  15. pundit says:

    And what would you suggest instead Siddhun?

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