Wednesday, August the 25th, 2004

This is from a café close to my new home, because I don’t have an internet connection (or a phone, or even TV) yet. I finished the move sometime last evening and as of now there is still a whole lot of stuff strewn all about the new place. I am tired, I am hurting a bit and quite disoriented. I woke rather late after sleeping very early last night, and I’ve still been groggy and weak.


In unrelated news, delineate moves out of beta and a first release candidate exists. Currently known issues include:
1. Rendering issues in some IE versions.
2. The (previous and next) graphical buttons misbehave/don’t function on IE.
3. The comments popup needs a lot more polishing. And the link to the comments popup gives away a lot of information (that it is a php file,
post id number and so on) which I am trying to obscure.

If you have further comments (yes I will answer the unanswered comments and e-mails regarding it soon) please tell me your browser, operating system and screen resolution so I have a more decent idea of where it works and where it breaks. Actually, give me that information even if it works, so I’ll know where it looks/behaves fine. Thanks.

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