Thursday, December the 25th, 2003

Ok, I think I finally did it. I stopped my laptop from booting up. Now I’m a sad man. After a year of abuse, christmas morn was when it decided it’s just too much to take. I panicked, removed like 27 screws trying to get at its gut. Couldn’t. Yanked, banged, screamed, begged, pleaded – and everything else in between. No use. Still some arbitrary blinking LED pattern is all I can see. Now I have to give it to the “professionals” and have them fix it. And that sucks, because if I lose my data and stuff I’m a dead man. Not just “sad” anymore.

Apart from that, the day has been good. Spoke for ages to parents after a long time. Felt good. Then been feeling guilty about getting stuff and not bothering to take the time to buy things for other people. Now that I have to remedy sometime. Probably next year. There is also this issue regarding something I now call the realm of careability. Not the brightest of nomenclatures, but it has to do. It refers, vaguely, to the set of people who I know I “care” about, and to what degree. It was pretty clear and rigid, I thought. Now I am not so sure. It’s not so bad. I just am scared of not being sure.

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2 Responses to “Broken machines, and holiday issues”

  1. puli says:

    that’s bad… maybe nature is hinting at something… u need some time off (computers)…

  2. wahgnube says:

    Just mmmaybe. For now, I’ve decided to listen to her.

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