Wednesday, December the 24th, 2003

Hmm. I just returned from the Lord of the Rings—The Return of the King. Sure, it was expectedly gorgeous, but it was also insanely long and detailed. Tedious almost. It’s 3.5 hours long or some such. It was moving at points, and generally ends happy, so all is well. Yes, I almost shed a tear or too. I will not go into the reasons.

I now have too many questions with the story line, and I hope that’s made me curious enough to survive the book. There were a bunch of interesting teaser previews, The Butterfly Effect and a movie based on Asimov’s ‘I, Robot’. Need to be curious enough about those when they’re out. Sure, the “preview” for the robot movie looked more like an ad for some product. It’s here, if you’re curious.

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2 Responses to “LOTR”

  1. puli says:

    don’t quite get it. it’s a 1.4 kb file :(

  2. harish says:

    It works fine here. If not, follow the link to the site, and click “see our commercial”.

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