Wednesday, December the 24th, 2003

Ok, the term is kinda sorta officially over. There was this rather insignificant incident near a gas station yesterday. As I was walking by, this person filling up his tank goes “So yo, school’s out?”, you know, I would assume rather surprised to see someone with a backpack on the 23rd? Anyway, I explain to him it’s out and that I am just crazy. And then I decided to not go back to work for the rest of this week at least. Not that I am not going to do anything related to or think about work at home, but just not physically be there.

And I keep hearing this music about how wonderful a time of the year it is. It doesn’t feel inherently anything positive, let alone wonderful. But being the conditioned drones that we are to being brainwashed by marketing drivel, I hope they can help me fake being happy to me. If that makes sense. But then again, there is something inherently happy about holidays.

And so, happy holidays and all that.

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One Response to “Finally done”

  1. puli says:

    :) yea right!

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