Tuesday, December the 23rd, 2003

For some reason, this group, the HackER “defacement” TeAM or some such have decided that this is a popular enough site worthy of being cracked. So they did. Some things are broken as I’ve restored them from early back ups. Like the site counter has dropped from 11500 odd to 8000 odd. Relatively small stuff like that. And the links on the side were increased later on too. Doesn’t really matter, backed up databases, again.

Jeez. Is it just me or is there this huge cold dose of pent up harsh stuff I haven’t ever experienced been just WAITING to hit me all at the same time? The world’s a lot more fished up than I give it credit for. Thank you so much humanity. I just love having to deal with this too right now. You know, considering how fishing great things have been going (imagine Dorothy, or lil Red Riding Hood skipping along gleefully on this path singing this happy tune without a care in this world – then negate it completely). Thank you so much.

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4 Responses to “Ok, this is too much”

  1. puli says:

    now how did that happen?

  2. wahgnube says:

    Must have been some server side exploit. An unpatched Apache or some such. I don’t quite know, maybe they were trying to show my hosting company their system isn’t … good enough.

  3. wahgnube says:

    Welcome back. :)

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