Thursday, January the 8th, 2004

Losing your computer can hit you on so many levels. Apart from the obvious work related things, there are a host of other irritants like lacking the ability to wake and chew through email or being unable to download images from your camera without going through mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/camera/ style cryptisms. But something that’s really made me miss it is being unable to listen to music at home. I was pretty hooked into the rather nice docking station like feel at home, where the notebook would plug into the rest of the “music system” and I can listen to whatever noise I usually do.

Now that’s gone.

So I’ve been lugging around 50-60 discs at all times, but that is a pain after a bit. So made some space and started ripping the better 10-20 onto some other machines last evening. Grip has proved to be an excellent tool, though there was one scratched disc and paranoia didn’t give up, needing it to be killed. But all in all good stuff.

Last evening was also one of those (now frequent) caffeine abuse evenings. I was buzzing like a bee, and went home at some 1 in the morning. Couldn’t sleep of course. Totally active, high, and happy. Worked on and sorted out accounts (of all things) with people and am a thousand bucks richer. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Then called comcast, and their lines were busy at TWO in the morning, but eventually got through and should have cable at home in a bit. I just hope my computer’s fixed before that. I generally detest comcast, but there was something rather cool that happened last evening. As I was one the line with the woman changing my cable plan, the channels I could access were instantaneously changing. Very cool.

That done, I still couldn’t sleep. Remembered I told this person I’d work on something if I have the time. So I started. First pass was just a bunch of unrelated paragraphs, quotes and anecdotes. In the second, I started tying it in. It looked cool last night. It looks just about bearable right now. Will work on it some more and send it to the people so the little kiddies can read. I don’t have a title yet, but for now it deals with curiosity, knowledge, thought, experiment, all leading to deterministic points of view and I might stretch that even to the existence (or not) of “God”, if I feel controversy createy at the time, culminating in the saviour and champion probability inducer, quantum physics.

Moving along, had to wake rather early and reached a class that wasn’t held where I thought it should be (or has been cancelled or was off today for some reason or…). So spent that time looking around for studio deals. I think if I am willing to double what I spend a month on housing, I can live in some rather cool place, in a hip part of town. Yes, people living in cool places are automatically cool.

Or so I have to try telling myself to convince me to cough up the added 400 bucks or so each month.

And yes, I totally side-stepped the joygasmic happy making thing, again.

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