Friday, January the 9th, 2004

First, rush here:

Back so soon? It’s a template for a non-existent ‘professional’ site. I’d really like comments. And yes, I am willing to listen (and not snap back too). This is the first step in a bunch to separate the work related things from the not work related things around here. Yes, I am begging. Even a good/bad/gah/eek/.. might help.

Change might be good.

I noticed I’ve been maintaining a whole lot more eye contact with people in general. Not for the normal folk I usually be with, that’s always been ‘creepily high’. I mean, for the random ones, who you pass and you’re quite sure you might never see again or don’t particularly care that you won’t? It’s been, odd. I’ve never had more random person 2 line exchanges or even small conversations with arbitrary people in my entire life than I have over the past few weeks. And people just seem to be an awful lot more friendly and smiley. Or maybe it’s just me. Eitherway, this is a sort of thing that I couldn’t stand when I first got here. Now I (gasp) look forward to it.

Change might be good.

I ALMOST rolled my first ‘r’ today. :|. Someone was asking me about something complicated and I go “But it’s just so harr(begin to consider the roll .. mayday mayday, what the fish do you think you’re doing.. abruptly end the syllable)d”. Was awfully close.

Change might be bad.

And hair lengths. You know it’s time for a hair cut:
(a) When you cough up hairballs
and you’re not a cat.
(b) When it gets stuck in your jacket zipper
when you thought you were holding it out of the way
and your zip is no where near the general neck region.
(c) When you’re willing to admit it
though it means having to endure overly chirpy people. GAH!
(d) All the above, and a bunch more you claim you’re too lazy to jot down
when in reality you want to but you can’t see very clearly with all that hair.

Change might be necessary.

And yes, let’s not forget these.

Change might be good.

And really, I have nothing more to say about it. Making people laugh is the most amazing feeling one can have. (Probably the most is a bit strong, but it must definitely fall way up there near the top at least.)

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