Tuesday, December the 30th, 2003

If you’re wondering what those two halves of the title have in common, don’t bother.

So here I am, back at the uni. It’s been, oddly enough, unodd. Bringing legolas up to speed on all that I need, to avoid missing megatr0n as much. Some nonsensical anti-phone caused issues, and I spent most of my afternoon in the cold outside waiting and achieved nothing. Well, not entirely nothing, I had time to think about making those resolution thingies a tad more detailed and sort out some issues with cvs. Of course, you’d wonder why, since they are most probably going to be broken in a jiffy. Anway, here’s the second pass,

  • Use the computer less. As in I can make bold statements like this now, because I almost HAVE to, don’t I?
  • Go out more.
  • Spend time with people. Even if it’s something rather mundane sounding like synchronizing lunch breaks.
  • Buy a phone, and get comfortable with it.
  • Consider moderate exercise. No gym/rippley anything, just not die when we’re 45 exercising. (Jogging perhaps? No, I have no interest, just setting up for something that’s amusing me at the moment).
  • Try new stuff – Improve wardrobe to something that can’t be captured by a 4 colour palette (yes, we’re looking to add brown especially), pick up interest in a sport (no, not play, watch).
  • Find lost ability to focus one on thing and not pile on more tasks than I want to handle.
  • Join and get involved in the activities of the carnatic music group/club/society/whatever else it might be called at the uni, and not mind.. stuff. (arbitrary elitisms must be toned down).
  • Do less of certain kinds of ‘stuff’. Probably can use time for more productive things.
  • Use less “like”, “you know”, “god damnit”, “jesus christ”, “sweet” amongst other words when I talk.
  • Remember not to abuse megatr0n if it returns fixed and happy.

And recently, we’ll say “events” have come up which’ve made me wonder whether management might not be so bad. If I were to (as hell was making up its mind about freezing over) study anything related to management, it’d be marketing. (And that’s not entirely related too.) If I ever get conned into doing any such thing, I’m sure I’d stick to advertising or some such. I wonder if [this is an obligatory “implied certain procreative bodily fluid” warning, along with a friendly reminder that the current iteration of the disclaimer is now in effect] subviral advertising is part of the course. Sneaky (and admittedly fake), but I’m sure there are *cough* people out there who’d forgotten the existence of puma as a brand who will be buying their shoes from them real soon. You know, for when they jog or whatever.

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3 Responses to “Resolutions, and marketing”

  1. DipT says:

    -how ’bout using less “stuff” in posts
    -how ’bout making more sense and ridding the gobbledygook which makes the content more decipherable to the communicatee :-p
    -your disclaimer seems to be rhetoric. Repeating “I am the master here.If u don’t like it buzz off. ” :-p

    other than these your blog is nice :-)

  2. wahgnube says:

    – “stuff” is unfortunately necessary. I use it when I know what I am talking about, but I am not too keen on making it clear to everybody else. Either that or I really have no clue what I’m talking about. Take your pick.
    – Will try. But that’s the way I communicate. It will involve work and all that. It will definitely help if you could flag some areas as gobbledygook, so I can work on it.
    – Yes, that’s pretty much it, except, I say “please leave” instead of “buzz off”. And I’m glad someone reads disclaimers. :)

    Thank ye.

  3. Baddn says:

    Your resolutions ring a bell in the depths of my mind ! A deep calling urging me to progress and adopt some of them :))

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