Wednesday, August the 11th, 2004


I’ve been going out of my way to sort of “catch up” on all that I believe I’ve missed in my life so far. I wish it were easier done than said. I think, after a certain point, you’re pretty much stuck in your ways and there is little you can do about it.

But that’s not very fair now, is it? What if circumstances drove you to a certain kind of lifestyle and you missed out on the simpler pleasures in life? It’s not like I am not happy now, don’t get me wrong. It’s about what ifs. Or is that greedy?

Anyway, it’s hard enough having to deal with this and attempt to force change without being constantly reminded of things by people (and it’s not even their fault really, our brains work in mysteriously stupid ways) who played a part in putting you in that state in the first place.

Courtesy of newly found lyrics from punk-pop bands, (I’m thinking (hence being?) young remember?)
  – “I saw you again and again and again – there’s no room to move on, to move on, to move on.”
  – “Don’t waste your time on me you’re already the voice inside my head.”

*BFTP – Blast from the past. This is yet another buffer purge, like so.

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