Monday, March the 8th, 2004

So much has been going on, the only way to get all of this in is to break it up into small chunks. (Either that, or actually talk about all of it in one large post and have nothing left to say for the next few weeks. You know I’m going to be sneaky about this.)

At work, say, there have been huge changes in the lab. Things have been moved, shelves and furniture added/removed, and all sorts of other remodelling has gone on. The previous set up was quite dingy, and not entirely productive. I mean, no one I know actually sat here and did major portions of their work. They’d all be in some lounge/library/cafe or somewhere else. Being one of the younger (the youngest, if you need the details) guys here has some drawbacks at times like these. I’d been delegated a bunch of the moving things around, throwing unneeded stuff out, moderately heavy (by my standards) lifting, and so on.

But, it’s done, and it seems so much larger. It just feels a lot warmer and a lot more inviting. I mean, I’m actually sitting here. We now have plants :). Poor widdle things might die from neglect real soon. We’ll see.

Switching gears, but keeping to our central theme, change, I looked at a couple of studios today. And I think I’ve pretty much settled on one. It’s very small compared to where I’m living now, and three times as expensive, but I think it’ll be fun. It seems quiet and warm. There are, however, the important things still to be judged. Like how good the eating places are in and around these parts. Here is the view from a sandwich shop at the corner of the street from the house.

The intersection closest to home?

And here’s the half-eaten-sandwich-eye view. Since that’s what counts.

Warped perspectives

Yes, I’m a glutton. Sue me.

NP. The Corrs – Talk on Corners

Update: Stolen concept. Just checking if this looks better.

The intersection closest to home?

Hmm. It does. Damn it, it’s more work.

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2 Responses to “Changes everywhere”

  1. anita says:

    i’ve been staring at that picture trying to figure out where that is…without looking at a map or anything…but i have absolutely no recollection of some parts of ann arbor. ok, most parts. is that building on the left rackham? that is the only guess i could come up with. but i really don’t know most of the buildings on campus, so i could be totally wrong. it took me several minutes to remember south state street. actually, i’m not even sure if that’s the street i’m thinking of…i give up.

  2. wahgnube says:

    That’s very good. This is the intersection of S. State and E. William. I have zero sense of distance/time, and can get lost with a map and directions and someone leading the way.

    Rackham is to the left of that building, but close to it. On the right of that building is the UM museum of art. Though I’m not sure at the moment what that one is.

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