Friday, November the 19th, 2004

You come across a variety of different sorts of people everyday. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just, well, they’re all substantially different.

Some people you meet, you’re definitely “cooler than”, so you inherently know you can do better. In a “there is no way you could possibly want to be with them forever” sort of way. And then there’s the other half of people, who’re clearly waay out of your league. Intelligence, grace, talent, finesse, … however you choose to judge these things. In the sense that there is no way you “could possibly be with them forever”. (The astute will probably realise all I am really doing is noting that they now know they’re cooler than you and wouldn’t want you, and suitably paraphrasing.)

That covers just about everyone. Now however close they might seem, no two people are exactly equal. By which I am trying to say you can find the most subtle (and probably trivial) thing and throw them in one of the two preceding categories. And now, those two categories really do cover everybody.

And everybody conveniently happens to be a large set that also, not surprisingly, contains the set of all women.

Which now means you’ve essentially proved there is an extremely good chance you’re ending up all alone, or not-alone and unsatisfied (like all those hot underpleasured Ukranian housewives who mail me often).

And that’s something to think about.

Or not, if you don’t like the idea of giving up hope on concepts like “eventual perpetual happiness”.

– Bearer of not-entirely-pleasant news

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