Thursday, May the 20th, 2004

I wouldn’t consider V particularly sensitive or incisive. I don’t even usually give him credit for being able to cut through the fluff and see things for what they are. So anyway, we got to talking and he’s strangely all helpful about what I need to get my mom. I doubt there is something too much funnier than two clueless guys deciding what to get their mom. I mean, it’s not the process itself, it’s the magnitude of the cluelessness that makes it hilarious.

Either it’s been the lack of sleep or generally extremely sidetracked mind of mine, but I was going about justifying to him the gloriousness (and economics) of combined parents’ gifts. He listened, surprisingly patiently and just said “.. yeah, except Amma won’t ever touch it.”

Fancy him catching that. Back to the drawing board.

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