Wednesday, May the 19th, 2004

I rock. It went … very differently from what my nightmares had portrayed.

Fortune favours the brave, and occasionally, the foolhardy. Nothing officially stands in my way now from getting that PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Scientific Computing. (Yes, I like saying it out fully at times like this.)

And I did it my way too, the “wing it and let coolness carry you through” way. People spend months. I spent 2.5 real days.

Did I mention I rock?

Now to catch up on a couple of night’s sleep, and a day’s food. Well, mostly sleep.

Actually, I love you all. I just want to leave before the general narcissism makes you think I’m a bad person.

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2 Responses to “I win”

  1. anita says:

    was there ever any doubt? : )


  2. wahgnube says:

    Actually.. there was. And I’m a scarily different person when I’m in that state. It’s not pretty.

    It’s not like I’m oozing confidence or anything close otherwise, it’s just.. there’s almost always something of a huge intellectual ego (or something like that, you know?) that usually kicks in to keep me positive, sane, happy? and so on when the situation is getting hairy.

    It’s these few times that that didn’t exist AND the situation got hairy. I had this.. air of a defeated person. I’d somehow come to terms with the inevitable and calmly walking to the gallows?

    Like I said, unpretty.

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