Saturday, September the 6th, 2003

This is the fastest I’ve ever burnt out, ever. Actually, I don’t remember ever burning out ever. That’s, obviously, not because I am super human, but because I’ve never really pushed it.

I mean, what good would that have done? (Besides probably the unimportant things like over achieving, becoming rich and famous and all that.)

This week has been, I have to say it, more than what I can take. I’ve been leaving early early in the morning and returning late late in the night (yes, repeating the words, not as typos, but to emphasize, how early and how late). Yes, smoke and mirror away the numbers, and you just have to trust me on it being really early or late.

Anyway, I’m not cut out for galavanting across campus on different bus routes to catch consecutive classes from the time I wake to the time I sleep, and getting work done in the remaining time. What remaining time you say?

What work I say.

So the weekend’s been nothing more than laaate waking and idling. Re cooperating sort of thing. I’ve also drastically dropped the course load, to make more time for real work. Notice I never ever said the classes were too much for me to handle intellectually. I just said I am not cut out physically to actually handle being there at the right time each time through out the day.

In this down time however, I’ve got quite a bit of tennis watching in. Sports don’t matter, and I normally never get involved in what’s going on, but COME ON, Nalbandian should have won.

Sure, he served slower, didn’t hit the ball as hard, just kept the ball in play until the other guy screwed up, among other things.

But it’s just no fun when the crowd favorite wins you know?

Also, saw some totally bogus program on MTV2 about what I thought was on the greatest bands of all time. I was all furious over the peoples’ votes, but then realized, after 3 near heart-attacks, that it was just a poll based on the “greatest bands” that had their greatest string of commercial success during the post-MTV era, circa 1981.

Yeah right.

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2 Responses to “Crash and Idle”

  1. vigvg says:

    These are the same people who claim Oprah Winfrey is the Greatest Pop-Culture Icon and Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit is the Greatest Song of the Last 25 years. Yeah, right.

  2. wahgnube says:

    I thought of not taking it too seriously when it started, but as they neared #1, I got more involved than I would have liked to.

    Metallica is the second “greatest” band ever, and Nirvana is the “greatest”.

    Hence the near heart-attacks.

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