Friday, September the 5th, 2003

Ahh yes, another hectic day. Didn’t do too much besides the ordinary worth talking about. It’s at these times, I hope, that pictures can come to a rescue.

Here are a couple of pictures of different sites that I’ve worked on. “Worked on” is an ambiguous term. The truth is all my sites have been stolen from different locations, to varying degrees. But no, nothing majorly illegal, I do it when they’ve said it’s ok to, and credit back or whatever is required of the license.

Aesthetica is a forum that’s been dead over a year. It was a phpBB powered forum. Yes, it was inactive.

And now I am fooling around with something called “espeek.”

I found a template I liked on css Zen Garden and decided to use it as a framework for an MT powered blog for someone else. As is obvious, it requires a lot more work.

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