Friday, October the 3rd, 2003

It’s that time of year (couple of months?) again. I really want to buy something. Something useful, something productive… no, just something cool I want.

The iPod looks, feels and plays insanely awesome. It’s even got upto 40 GB of music storage space. The only trouble however, is it only plays MP3‘s. And ALL my music is in Ogg Vorbis.

So if I bought it, it’d mean re-ripping 50 or so CDs again. Sure, there is some cool software to do this, but I’ll just feel unclean again.

But it looks so cool.

Moving along, there’s the quite capable Neuros. It claims to be a digital audio computer. Anyway, the point being, the shots on the site make it look good, and most importantly, it plays Ogg Vorbis. The only thing is that, though the 128 MB thing seems small enough, I think the 20GB one will be quite bulky and unmanageable.

You know, when I am out in the gym or jogging in the cold or something, I need something small and sleek. You know.

For those who missed it, that last line was supposed to wreak of sarcasm.

Then finally, let me introduce the most promising contender, the Nintendo GameCube. Sure, the ads and games make it seem like it’s designed for people younget than me. Sure, old people are expected to go in for an XBox or a PS2.

But it just looks so cute, it’s got the coolest games I’d ever want to play on a console. That’s the thing, while Sony, MS etc seem to focus on games looking good, Nintendo seemed to focus on, almost cuddly, characters who you want to be with?

I mean, the last legend of zelda or mario franchise game I played was when I was 10 or something. Years later, I still want to. And the need is quite strong. Yes, this means my mental faculties probably haven’t developed in all this time. I am a geek, and all those things. But none of that’s important, I would rather have this than any other conole right now.

It’s just, can I be home long enough to play and finish anything? Considering it doesn’t have a hard drive, and uses discs instead of cartridges which can’t be written into.

Decisions, decisions.

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